MM: Compression Stretch with a Partner

How To: Compression Stretch with a Partner

This video will show you how to experience our compression stretching for upper body pain and tension relief. Compression stretching is a unique GST technique that will stretch and restore flow to congested tissue and help open tight joints. It will also help you understand more about how your arms and shoulders are supposed to work together and why you may be experiencing excess tension and pain in your upper body.

We recommend warming up prior to doing this video. You will need a partner to do this, but you can listen along to the instructions in this video to walk you through the experience. You'll also need a couple yoga blocks, thick books or something else your partner can stand on to help them control the amount of body weight they use. Please, listen to your body when you try this and if you're not sure compression stretching is appropriate for your body, please email us at with your concerns so we can guide you.

MM: Compression Stretch with a Partner

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Anna Rahe


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