Movement Medicine

Is for healing and rehabilitating bodies that are injured or suffer from chronic pain. Find educational and therapeutic videos for hips, neck, shoulders, low back, post-surgery care and more.  Discover how fascia is the answer to healing your pain.

We have three different ways for you to do Movement Medicine through our Online Studio! 

GST Movement Medicine is a great starting point to learn about fascia and how to use your body.  Turns out that fascia wants opposite types of treatment than what we get from familiar traditional methods.  Here you will find videos that teach new body mechanics and deeply transformative exercises that heal fascia. You will also find specific protocol videos that cover a variety of body concerns and complications. And as you heal you will enjoy the flow videos that encourage you to move fluidly, connecting the continuum for your body back to life.  It’s the physical therapy that actually works.

Body Care Program

A 14 day curated program designed to get you started with Movement Medicine.


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