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Workshop: Momma Body Care, Part I
Check out our new Momma Body Care Workshop! In Part I, Anna Rahe gives a lecture about the concepts of GST that can help you with your pre and post-natal Momma Body Care for the first house and then moves on to putting those concepts into practice in the second hour. The practice includes simple exercises that you can do at home with your GST 3TS® to strengthen your body both pre and post baby.
Workshop: Momma Body Care, Part II
Part II of our Momma Body Care Workshop will cover some simple floor exercises that you can do on your own at home to practice your GST techniques and condition your body to help with the demands of your pregnancy, delivery, and life keeping up with your new baby!

You'll also learn about things you can do at home to help release your fascia and muscles and alleviate your pre and post-natal related aches and pains. Focus on your glutes and hips first with the GST Body Roll-X and then move on to your neck with our hand neck massager.
Muscle Animation and Movement, Part I
This special GST® workshop with Anna Rahe will help teach you about the anatomy of your muscles in both your upper and lower body.

In Part I of this lecture, Anna talks about how different muscle structures work and how they in turn affect your movement.
Muscle Animation and Movement, Part II
Put what you learned in Parts I to practice with some GST movement exercises, including some of the GST Traction Series, as well as exercises done on the Vitruvian Equipment Springs. You can modify some of these exercises to be done with your GST 3TS and Traction Bar also.

If you have not watched Part I, we recommend starting there to learn more about the concepts behind these exercises.
GST Somachology®, Part I
Workshop: GST Somachology®, Part I

This one hour lecture will introduce you to the basic ideas of GST Somachology, including body analysis and emotional body mappings so that you can access your emotional body through the mind-body connection!

Stay tuned for Part II, which will show you how you can use GST exercises to help you open up and explore different aspects of your emotional body.