GST® Quick Start Guide

GST® Quick Start Guide


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Total Duration: 3:01:45

Videos: 12

Need help getting started with your GST on-the-go practice? Check out this curated list of videos to help you start on the right foot.
GST Basics
CC: Intro To GST Concepts
How To: Intro to GST Concepts

This 7 minute video will give you a basic introduction to many of the GST concepts you'll hear about in our other videos. If you are just getting started, or you need a refresher course in some of our terminology, this is a great place to get started to help gain clarity and refinement!
MM: Understanding Pain and Getting Started with GST Movement Medicine®

How To: Understanding Pain and Getting Started with GST Movement Medicine®

This video with Anna will introduce you to some of the basic concepts behind GST Movement Medicine and help you understand why you have pain and what you can do with GST to help that pain. If you are coming to us specifically for Movement Medicine, this is a great video to start with to help put your GST practice into context.

AA: GST Anti-Aging and our Pendular Leg Swing!

How To: GST Anti-Aging and our Pendular Leg Swing!

Get a great introduction to GST's Anti-Aging and try out come of the concepts with our Pendular Leg Swing. You just need a bar, counter or surface to hang on. This is a great way to get started if you're new to GST.

Stay tuned for some more introductory videos, coming soon!

MM: Start With the Foundation
How To: Start With the Foundation

This video can help you learn about one of the basic building blocks of GST: the First Coretile. Learn about what your First Coretile is and how you can find it with this tutorial straight from Anna Rahe.
MM: Strengthen Your Foundation
How To: Strengthen Your Foundation

This 10 minute video will show you how you can practice using your First Coretile and is a great way to deepen your understand of the concepts of GST!

The only equipment you need for this video is a yoga block or something else you can prop your hips up on.
CC: 10 Min Warm up for Beginners
How To: 10 Min Warm up for Beginners

This video is great for you if you are starting from scratch at home.

Learn how you can convert the GST Traction Series® from our Vitruvian Equipment to your 3TS/Traction Barre combo to help you follow along in other classes and videos.
More Great Beginner Friendly Videos
MM: Be Your Own Chi Machine
How To: Be Your Own Chi Machine

This 3 minute video will show you a great technique to help restore a vibrational quality that will help you flush your lymphatic system, loosen joints and release excess tension in your muscles.
CC: Basic At-Home Warm Up
Class: Basic At-Home Warm Up

This 12 minute video will take you through a version of our GST Traction Series and a few other exercises using the GST 3TS/TTS® and Traction Bar. This video is great for people who are just beginning to do GST at home or it can also be used as a warm up before you do some of our other videos.
CC: Simple 20 Min Flow
Class: Simple 20 Min Flow

This 20 minute sequence done with the GST 3TS® or TTS® will take you through some of your basic GST exercises with the straps! You can use it after a warm up of your choice to get moving on any day.
MM: Slide right into a hip stretch!
How to: Slide right into a hip stretch!

This effective floor series will have you opening and stretching your hips and legs for greater flexibility and less joint pain. This sequence is especially ideal for pre-natal hip opening and to get rid of aches and pains.

If you do not have sliders at home, you can use anything that will slide on your flooring as a substitute. One common favorite is a magazine or large envelope.
CC: Use the GST Back Arch® and Fix Your Posture
How To: Use the GST Back Arch® and Fix Your Posture

This quick video will not only explain how and why your current posture and exercise routine might be hurting you, but it will also show you how you can use the new GST Back Arch® to counteract these things and gain better posture in the process!
MM: Hold Your Ribcage Better
How To: Hold Your Ribcage Better

Use your GST Traction Bar (or any long dowel, broom handle, etc.) to help you learn how and where to lift your torso from and then put those ideas into practice by looking at some familiar GST Traction Stretches in a new way!