GST Conscious Conditioning® (CC)

GST Conscious Conditioning® (CC)


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Athletic fitness enthusiast.
How To
CC: 10 Min Warm up for Beginners
How To: 10 Min Warm up for Beginners

This video is great for you if you are starting from scratch at home.

Learn how you can convert the GST Traction Series® from our Vitruvian Equipment to your 3TS/Traction Barre combo to help you follow along in other classes and videos.
CC: Office Space GST®
How To: Office Space GST®

This 30 min compilation of videos from our archive will show you some ways you can adapt GST® Traction exercises to be done in your office space! All you will need is a surface like a desk and a rolling chair. There are 5 exercise sequences in this series, so you can go from a warm up to a few strengthening exercises for your legs and abs.
CC: Do Better Push Ups
How To: Do Better Push Ups

In this 13 min video, Anna Rahe will show you how you can use your GST to do better push ups to strengthen your upper body without causing more tension or pain.
CC: Strengthen Your Stretch
How To: Strengthen Your Stretch

Add some effort to your GST Ballet Stretches so you can start to strengthen your legs and hips while stretching your legs.

You will need a GST TTS or 3TS and 25 minutes to do this video.
CC: Lower Body Opening and Strengthening
How To: Lower Body Opening and Strengthening

This 25 minute video will help you learn more about your hips, pelvis and SI joint and practice both releasing them and using them properly in movement with the help of your GST Body Roll-X®.
CC: Intro To GST Concepts
How To: Intro to GST Concepts

This 7 minute video will give you a basic introduction to many of the GST concepts you'll hear about in our other videos. If you are just getting started, or you need a refresher course in some of our terminology, this is a great place to get started to help gain clarity and refinement!
CC: Use the GST Back Arch® and Fix Your Posture
How To: Use the GST Back Arch® and Fix Your Posture

This quick video will not only explain how and why your current posture and exercise routine might be hurting you, but it will also show you how you can use the new GST Back Arch® to counteract these things and gain better posture in the process!
CC: GST Floor Sequence from the Archives
How To: GST Floor Sequence from the Archives

This compilation of floor exercises with Anna Rahe will show you some great examples of how you can do GST on the floor without any special equipment...besides your body, of course! This is also a great way to get a better understanding of some of the exercises from our full classes. All you need at home to follow along is a yoga mat.
CC: Basic At-Home Warm Up
Class: Basic At-Home Warm Up

This 12 minute video will take you through a version of our GST Traction Series and a few other exercises using the GST 3TS/TTS® and Traction Bar. This video is great for people who are just beginning to do GST at home or it can also be used as a warm up before you do some of our other videos.
CC: Get Your Chi Flowing
Class: Get Your Chi Flowing

This 45 minute warm up sequence will help you get your GST practice started off right, with our signature traction series and other exercises designed to get your chi flowing!

You can do these exercises on the GST Vitruvian Euipment®, a wall mounted bar, or you can modify some of them to be done with your GST 3TS and Traction Bar®.
CC: Get Ready to Flow!
Class: Get Ready to Flow!

This 35 minute class sequence will not only warm you up on the bar, but it will also take you through a fun sequence with your GST KTS® - which is a great way to prepare you for some of our new cardio sequences!
CC: 15 Min Traction Bar Flow
Class: 15 Min Traction Bar Flow

This 15 minute sequence will help you use your GST TTS or 3TS® with your Traction Bar to lengthen and strengthen your your spine and upper hemisphere.
CC: Simple 20 Min Flow
Class: Simple 20 Min Flow

This 20 minute sequence done with the GST 3TS® or TTS® will take you through some of your basic GST exercises with the straps! You can use it after a warm up of your choice to get moving on any day.
CC: Chest Opening Flow
Class: Chest Opening Flow

This 20 min class will help you both flow and practice the technique of using your KTS! This sequence includes both familiar exercises from the Intro to GST DVD® and some new exercises for you to try.
CC: Half Hour Guided Flow
Class: Half Hour Guided Flow

This 30 min sequence with GST® creator Anna Rahe, will help take you through a range of TTS exercises to stretch, lengthen, and strengthen your body.
CC: Finishing Strong
Class: Finishing Strong

This 13 minute video combines several GST ab exercises with our signature Siren Series cool down. It's a great way to wrap up your GST practice.

This video uses the GST Body Roll-X® as well as the GST 3TS®.

CC: Continuum Flow
Class: Continuum Flow

This 90 minute Conscious Conditioning class will warm you up and then take you through some new progressions of movement that are designed to help you create more flow in your movement and ultimately, in your body.
CC: 45 Min Floor Work Flow
Class: 45 Min Floor Work Flow

This great 45 minute class will take you through a whole variety of GST® exercises on the floor! You can do this sequence anywhere with a yoga mat and a yoga block to help for a few of the exercises. Enjoy a combination of stretching, ab work, continuum movement and more!
CC: 30 Min Weighted Bar Stretch and Flow
Class: 30 Min Weighted Bar Stretch and Flow

This 30 minute class sequence will take you through some stretch and exploration with the weighted bar and will finish by adding some more flowing movement to tie everything together! This is a great sequence to do on it's own or as part of the rest of your at home practice.

**You can use either a 5 or 10 lb weighted bar for this video. If you have any upper body or shoulder issues, we especially recommend starting with a 5 lb bar.**
CC: 20 Min No Equipment Flow
Class: 20 Min No Equipment Flow

This 20 minute sequence will take you through a combination of our continuum movement and some floor exercises that require no equipment at all, so you can do them wherever you need to as part of your GST on-the-go practice.
CC: New Beats Sequences

Class: New Beats Sequences

Experience our newest Beats sequences in this class that combines GST continuum movement both with and without the weighted bar.

If you are doing this at home, you will need your own 5 or 10 lb weighted bar for the second part of the class, as well as a foam roller.

CC: Standing Beats Flow with Added Floor Exercises

Class: Standing Beats Flow with Added Floor Exercises

This one hour class will take you through fun non-equipment continuum movement sequences, with added stretch and strengthening exercises that can be done on the floor!

There are a few props used in this class- the weighted bar and a foam roller. If you don't have a weighted bar, you can use your GST Traction Bar or anything else that will help you stay balanced for your kicks and the movements that do with them.