GST Anti-Aging® (AA)

GST Anti-Aging® (AA)


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Total Duration: 13:46:19

Videos: 18

Ages 20 to 80.
How To
AA: Quick Standing Hip Opener
How To: Quick Standing Hip Opener

This 15 minute standing exercise can be done anywhere you are to open new areas of your hips that will reduce stiffness, tension, and aches and pains.
AA: Age Defying Leg Strengthening
How To: Age Defying Leg Strengthening

This 20 minute sequence will show you how to stretch and strengthen your legs and knees so you can help balance the effects of misuse to keep them healthy as you age. You do not need any special equipment for this video besides a yoga mat, although something to hold on to for balance may be helpful.
AA: Simple Continuum Movement
How To: Simple Continuum Movement

This short 7 minute Continuum Movement sequence is a great introduction to this kind of movement and will help you practice getting your body moving in a whole new way. Since is a short sequence, it can also be used to supplement other videos in our library as an add-on to other classes and exercises.
AA: GST Anti-Aging and our Pendular Leg Swing!

How To: GST Anti-Aging and our Pendular Leg Swing!

Get a great introduction to GST's Anti-Aging and try out come of the concepts with our Pendular Leg Swing. You just need a bar, counter or surface to hang on. This is a great way to get started if you're new to GST.

Stay tuned for some more introductory videos, coming soon!

AA: GST Anti-Aging and Upper Hemisphere Continuum

How To: GST Anti-Aging and Upper Hemisphere Continuum

This 15 minute video will continue your introduction to GST's Anti-Aging® and give you some helpful information about your upper hemisphere (upper body). Learn more about why you feel like you're aging with aches and pains in your mid back and shoulders and get some simple exercises that you can do without equipment to help your body counteract the effects of aging.

AA: 30 Min Warm Up
Class: 30 Min Warm Up Experience some of our unique Anti-Aging techniques mixed into your good old fashioned GST Traction Warm Up! You can use this sequence on its own or to warm up for the rest of your GST at-home practice. *You will need a 3TS/Traction Bar or another stationary bar to do this warm up on your own.
AA: 30 Min Knee and Hip Conditioning
Class: 30 Min Knee and Hip Conditioning

One of the keys to helping your body stay feeling young is making sure your hips and knees stay mobile and strong. Use this 30 minute sequence at home with little to no equipment to help you practice your GST techniques and both stretch and strengthen your knees and hips.
AA: Fascia Release and Flush
Class: Fascia Release and Flush

This 13 minute video will take you through some of the unique Anti-Aging tissue and fascia flushing exercises that you can do at home without any equipment at all! This sequence focuses on specific movements that can help your body age with more freedom from aches and pains.
AA: Breath Traction Combo!
Class: Breath Traction Combo!

If you've ever wondered how we do the breath you might have heard in other classes, this is the class for you. This Anti-Aging class will take you through a full class that includes a break down of some of our GST breath techniques for you, and also integrates it with your 3TS and Traction Bar® and the rest of the class exercises.
AA: Wake Up and Feel Younger
Class: Wake Up and Feel Younger

This 90 minute Anti-Aging class will take you through your GST warm up, a few GST facial exercises, and some simple stretches you can do both with and without your GST TTS/3TS® at home to help wake your body up and counter the effects of aging.
AA: Finding Your Legs
Class: Finding Your Legs

This 90 minute Anti-Aging class will take you through a warm up and some specific exercises designed to help you target your legs for strengthening, health and flexibility.
AA: Your Favorite Things
Class: Your Favorite Things

This 75 minute class features all of your favorite parts of GST in one full class! Start with our signature Traction Series warm up and move on to not only our Anti-Aging exercises but also a bonus Beats cardio sequence and some work with our neck massager.
AA: 90 Min Anti-Aging Flow
Class: 90 Min Anti-Aging Flow

This 90 minute class combines the best strengthening and stretching exercises to keep your body feeling young and aging gracefully!

You will need a GST 3TS® and Traction Bar or some of these exercises but will also be able to modify others with what you have access to at home.
AA: Strengthening Traction Bar Flow
Class: Strengthening Traction Bar Flow

This 20 minute sequence will give you some new movements to try with you GST 3TS and Traction Bar® at home! Designed especially to implement some of our Anti-Aging techniques, this is a great combination of strengthening and movement that will help your body age gracefully and healthfully.

AA: More Continuum with Weighted Bar
Class: More Continuum with Weighted Bar

This 30 minute class will incorporate the GST Anti-Aging techniques into our continuum movement and add the resistance of a 5 lb weighted bar. You can also use your GST Traction Bar for a non-weighted version...and stay tuned for the weighted bars to be available for purchase in our store soon!
AA: Taking it to the Floor
Class: Taking it to the Floor

This 50 minute Anti-Aging class will start by taking some of our key GST exercises and translating them to floor exercises so you can do them anywhere you are! The first part of this class can be done completely without equipment, although you will need a foam roller and weighted bar for the second half of this class.
AA: Using Your Weighted Bar!

Class: Using Your Weighted Bar!

This 90 min Anti Aging Class will take you through a warm up and a wide variety of exercises using our 3TS and the weighted bar! Explore different feelings of momentum, strengthening and release by adding the weight and movement of the bar to your GST exercises. If you do not have a 3TS, you can still do some of these exercises with a 5 or 10 lb weighted bar.

AA: TTS Flow and Tissue Release

Class: TTS Flow and Tissue Release

This 75 minute class will take you through some new (and old) TTS favorites, as well as adding other signature Anti-Aging techniques to release your tissue, like the use of our neck massager and a foam roller.

You will need a GST TTS for the first part of this class.